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It’s rare to see the majority of the soccer world all in favor of a new crest. A crest that captures the personality of the city, colors brought by the eclectic residents, and one that stands out more than others. Forward Madison FC went to the community to get help for what is now one of the most beloved crests in the soccer community. And while the background story about the plastic flamingo and why it was chosen has made its way throughout the press, this is the story about how the crest was chosen and how it almost wasn’t the one that set the internet ablaze.

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MLS Best Budgeted Starting XI

If I asked could you build a competitive MLS team with a million dollar budget, could you do it?  Would it be able to compete with mine? Give it a try and submit your roster on twitter to @HomeSweetSoccer or send an email to  The winner will receive a new copy of FIFA 19. All salaries use base salary and come from the salaries from the beginning of the 2018 year. You can find the salaries here!

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Lights, Screaming, Action

While a mic’d up player and coach may be a common segment for a couple of minutes in a game, what would it be like to for the entire game? And what if the person mic’d up was the craziest and loudest person on the field? The Las Vegas Lights are giving you that chance to experience the game in a way you’ve never experienced it before.

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